Khanna Research creates compelling corporate and marketing communications and produces rich, insightful research to help global businesses, governments and not-for-profits address disruptive change, innovate with greater social insight, and better develop people-centered products and services.

Clients we have worked with include Accenture, Advanced Micro Devices, Hewlett-Packard Co., Hewlett-Packard Labs, Nokia Corp., Palo Alto Research Center, SAP, Xerox Corp., and Yamaha Motor Corp., USA.

Khanna Research + Communications (“Khanna Research”) is a division of Khanna Fedina Group Inc. It is based in Vancouver, Canada.




> Khanna Research works for some of the world’s most  innovative companies

> We examine disruptive trends and profitable emerging market opportunities in India, China—and the advanced Western economies

> We help to produce compelling corporate and marketing communications


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